Our Mission


 Our mission is to bring social and economic awareness to communities within the State’s Capitol counties. We are working to share solutions that will strengthen our communities by reaching out to those who demonstrate compassion for underrepresented men and women.  


H.OP.E offers opportunities to learn basic life skills techniques to become self-sufficient. We welcome the chosen few within our communities and we strive to untangle social obscenities and decode economic subliminal hindrance.

H.OP.E seeks to introduce underrepresented individuals to lively, energetic dimensions that enhance and validate their measures of understanding, while outlining social and economic growth. We do this by way of outreach and exposure to arts, entertainment and entrepreneurship. 


We seek out those who voluntarily express interest in serving their community. We welcome leadership empowerment by way of teaching basic life skills that will better their overall mental wellness and social awareness.


Our prevailing social mission will generate revenue that safeguards the development of long-term financial, mental and cultural sustainability for humanity.