Counseling & Therapy


Come in or call us to get the mental health help you need. If you’re going through troubled times, financial issues a loss in the family, or just an ear to listen to you, you have found the right place.  Voicemail open 24/7, call between 9am-5pm to set an appointment. All ages seen.

Work Readiness Courses

Looking for work? Need help with your resume and cover letter? We offer help. Our work readiness program prepares participants to get, keep and excel at a new job. Basic employment skills include effective communication, problem solving, resume building, and interviewing. Job readiness training programs also help participants develop good work habits that facilitate their ongoing success. 

Activist Work

 Activism has played a major role in ending slavery, challenging dictatorships, protecting workers from exploitation, protecting the environment, promoting equality for women, opposing racism, and many other important issues.

  An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change. Someone who's actively involved in a protest or a political or social cause can be called an activist. Demonstrations, strikes, and sit-ins are all ways that an activist might work toward the change he/ she believes in. 

Homeless Outreach

One of the biggest things our organization does is homeless outreach and rebuilding. Our goal is to help the needy and get better services.  We have many food drives and gathers to help the less fortune.  Not only do we want to help the homeless, but low income families as well. 

Co-parenting classes

  Programs that are specially designed for parents who are separated, in the process of divorcing or have divorced or who never married but have children and who need to develop the knowledge and skills to understand and respond to the special needs their children may have as a result of the divorce/separation and to succeed in their ongoing roles as mother and father despite the fact that they are no longer husband and wife or partners. Topics may include the impact of separation and divorce on families, developmental stages of children and expected reactions to divorce, skills parents can use to minimize stress and help children to cope, guidelines for reducing conflicts and solving custody issues out of court and recognizing when a child needs special help and where to find resources. Co-parenting workshops may also be structured for parents in other situations.  classes are available in four, six, eight and ten hours. Classes are available in English.

Life Skill Courses

  The program provides students with training in personal self-management, social skills, and social resistance skills

  The importance of life skills. In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, students need new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration. 

H.O.P.E Legends Tutoring courses


 A tutor helps students improve academically in a private, non-classroom setting either individually or with small groups by instructing them to improve their study skills, test-taking strategies, note-taking skills, or grasp of content. A tutor assists students review and complete class material


  • Provides personalized attention
  • Improves grades
  • Increases knowledge and understanding of subjects
  • Increases motivation to succeed
  • Provides intensive practice
  • Allows progress at own pace
  • Leads to better use of study time
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Encourages higher levels of learning
  • Encourages self-directed learning
  • Reduces competition
  • Provides praise, feedback, and encouragement
  • Provides review of skills not mastered but no longer taught

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  • Counseling
  • Therapy
  • Afterschool program
  • Tutoring
  • Bullying Prevention program
  • Woman's Conference Meetings
  • Co-parenting classes
  • Supervised visitation (monitoring)
  • Feed the homeless campaign program
  • Legal Paperwork workshop(Divorce  forms,child custody forms etc.)
  • community outreach programs for youth programs
  • Stop sex trafficking programs
  • Victims corner speeches program